“The power of the WOWI is in the interpretation”

Interpreting the Profile Report
After taking the WOWI,  an online assessment tool, Rosie meets with the individual(s) to engage in a process by which each participant understands the impact of the results for career decision making.

To see an example of the Profile Report go to :

The 3 dimensions measured on the WOWI include:

1. Career Interest Activities


Career Interest Activities

2. Career Training Potentials


Career Training Potentials

3. Job Satisfaction Areas

Job Satisfaction Areas

Job Satisfaction Areas

Career Interest Activities (CIA)

“It’s more important to know what you don’t want to do than to know what you want to do.”

To view the CIA section of the sample profile report online, go to:

During the Interpretation session (s) participants gain a full understanding of how their interests represent one important dimension of career decision making.

Career Training Potentials (CTP)

“The CTP’s are the single most powerful predictor of job success.”

The Career Training Potentials provide the single most powerful predictor of career success.
View this graph online:
During the interpretation, participants recognize their best skills/aptitudes and the importance of these skills in career decision making.

Job Satisfaction Indicators (JSI)

“Just because you like something and are good at it, does  not mean that the you have the appropriate work style/temperament to do it.”

View the JSI at:

There are “no negatives” on the JSI’s!

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