Mittsy and Molly

nixy kittiesI realize that this post drastically differs from previous posts.  Actually you might be shocked to see this side of me.  On the other hand, maybe this post will give you a little insight into what makes me tick.

A little over 6 months ago, we adopted two Ragdoll cats from the shelter.  This adoption occurred mostly because my wife volunteers at HART in Cumberland.  She knew when these Ragdolls re appeared at the shelter, (because of issues that the previous owners encountered)  that there would be a pretty tight window in which to adopt these absolutely stunning critters.

Initially the cats exhibited extreme signs of stress.  They were a terror in the house.  I could have tolerated their wild unpredictable  antics – but it was another issue that just about put me over the edge.  Their poop stunk so bad ! !

My wife kept saying “Just give them time;  they need to settle in.”  Miraculously, after several weeks and lots of air freshener, the girls began to settle down.  And I actually began to see their more positive attributes, and wrote a short children’s book about these feisty, mischievous, and wicked funny cats.

Now, I look back and realize that in actuality, it did not take that much time to get used to them – albeit their “potty habits” did take some real patience to work themselves out ! !

Just this afternoon, I happened to go into the living room, and noticed both Mittsy and Molly lying spoon fashion in one of the chairs, sleeping.  Totally oblivious to the world.

mittsy and mollyWhat would our life be without these two amazing creatures?  There is not a visitor at our home who is not completely taken with them.  They quickly become the focus of conversation.

So who knew how a pair of ragdolls would remind me of the importance of patience, and that most things that have any value, take time.   Everything takes time.

And they are a heck of a lot of fun !


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