Kudos for Rosie Works

Anyone can talk about assessment scores and what that theoretically means but to be able to deduce and advise as you do separates you from the pack for sure!

Because of Rosie’s engaging and supportive style, and the depth of information the WOWI provides, nearly every student became motivated to do significant investigation into career fields they had not previously considered. In some cases, the transformation was life-changing, propelling unmotivated students with little interest in higher education toward additional coursework with aspirations for well-paying careers in growing industries. The WOWI, and the support Rosie provides, has been a wonderful addition to our Adult Education program.

As a result of Rosie’s clear and concise training, I am now able to effectively implement the WOWI, an instrument which initially was totally imposing and complex to interpret.

Rosie has a wonderful ability to meet learners where they are at and impart information in a way they can understand it.

Rosie is a passionate teacher who makes learning fun.

Rosie is able to take a sophisticated tool like the WOWI and make it understandable for users.

The WOWI confirmed what I had already known - that I need to make a change - but to what?  Rosie's individualized and sensitive manner of interacting with me as we went over the results of the WOWI gave me a much clearer idea of how I might begin to make changes.

I would have to say that your enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, and skill in presenting this information brings to job seekers an incredibly valuable tool, helping them discover pathways to careers and employment that they may never have thought of.

"Working with the WOWI has been a tremendous benefit for students at Augusta Adult Education.  The assessment and guidance of Rosie Hartzler, has helped students pinpoint their strengths and given direction for career choices as well as choosing a major for post-secondary work.  Our students have given nothing but positive feedback for the WOWI!"