How a horoscope got to me ….

How much credibility do you give to your horoscope?  I admit that I do read the “free edition “ published in the daily Portland Press Herald.  And while this is not the sole basis by which I make decisions and run my life, every once in a while the horoscope makes me sit up and take notice.

Just this past Monday, the Leo part of my “sign” read:

“Don’t be confused by what others say or do.

Focus on what you need to accomplish and you ‘ll come out on top. 

An emotional situation is best left alone.  Time will help sort out all difficulties.”  

In light of some of things that were weighing on my mind at the time, this horoscope prompted me to sit up and reflect.  I am going to take a little deeper look at each of the parts of this horoscope.

Don’t be confused by what others say or do.

What a fundamental principle to follow. But easier said than done, right?

I am a very social creature, taking advantage of multiple opportunities to interact with a wide variety of people in all kinds of situations. I approach people with basically a positive attitude. This is something I learned from my mom, Phyllis, by the way she interacted with others. Mom’s glass was always half full.

Some may say that I have a slightly rose colored glasses approach to life.  And they may be right to a certain extent.  I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Therefore when I am confronted with negative situations or rude, hateful people, it is a shock to me. I do not have as thick a skin as others. My wife continually reminds me that I need to “know who I am dealing with.”

This past summer during a meeting of our local road association, I had been presenting an account of how a group of residents within the association had banded together to make some great improvements to one section of the road.  It was clearly an example of people working together – something that was a rare occurrence with in the road association.

But instead of commending the group, a road association officer spoke out in criticism of these improvements by noting that the group had not fulfilled some of the details of the proposed work plan. Initially it caught me off guard. Couldn’t this guy see the bigger picture? What was his problem?

Collecting myself, and not wanting to let my emotions dictate my response, I reminded this officer that the proposal for road improvements was just that, a proposal. I added, that to my knowledge, previous efforts to upgrade other portions of the road, did not even include any written proposal. He was right in that some details of the “proposal” were not implemented for very good reasons – the major one being the lack of funding.

Later when I got home, I was still simmering from this guy’s comments. I resented his negativity. I was angered at his small mindedness.

But after some time in the garden, and a swim in the lake, I  began to see that I only have control over myself and my perceptions. People are going to be irrational, critical, and even cruel. The only thing I can control is my reaction to them. Let them criticize and pick out what I considered irrelevant details. That is their problem.

So the point is:  I can only control myself and my reactions. I can acknowledge how what others say and do, impacts me.  But I do not have to be controlled by others.

It’s hard work to see clearly, to think clearly, to act from one’s center. But for me, that is a big part of my life work. And so this is why the first line of the horoscope was a great reminder of how I want to live each day.

The next line in the horoscope:

Focus on what you need to accomplish and you’ll come out on top.

I have no qualms about introducing myself to strangers.  Over the weekend, I was picking up a load of pallets(to use as kindling for the wood stove) from a local warehouse that advertised “free pallets.”  In the course of conversation with a worker at the warehouse, I asked him how he likes his job, how he got the job, etc.  

I learned a little about his job and he volunteered some details about how the job had basically saved his life.  He asked me what I did. I introduced myself, and talked a little bit about RosieWorks, and why his story was interesting to me.  He gave me his name and even a business card for the operations manager of the facility. This contact will potentially help a colleague of mine.

This type of interaction is how a business is built – one contact and one relationship at a time. Right now I am in the process of building a business where people are number one. That is my focus. So this interaction reminded me of the central core that drives me forward.

Finally, the last part of this horoscope:

An emotional situation is best left alone.  Time will help sort out all difficulties.

This was the part of the horoscope that got to me the most. Being a mix of Leo and Scorpio, I have a very strong instinct toward engaging my vindictive streak, that Scorpio Sting.  This is not something  I am proud of, as it almost always gets me into trouble!  But instinctual behavior, being what it is, can be challenging to manage !

Take the situation  when I felt deceived and mislead by a boss. I decided to confront this boss. She  had no time or interest in my emotion. Guess what? I was fired!

There is a back story to this of course – however, in the effort to get to the point, and not to bore you, when I am confronted with a person or a situation that really gets my ire, my immediate instinct is to fire back.  And I have some pretty powerful ways that I could use to get even.

But are there any real winners in a confrontation of egos? I find that I have to have some level of trust in order to discuss something that roused my emotions. Sometimes it is a whole lot better to just “let it be.”  It is more important that I come to peace within myself than to hope that by discussing an emotionally laden incident, that I will gain clarity.

So for what’s it ‘s worth – sometimes a horoscope can make you think,  take you outside your comfort zone, maybe even be the stimulus for growth!  Carpe Diem!!

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