Implementation – The WOWI into action

“There is a 92% correlation between the results of the Profile Report
and the Career Recommendations.”


Once participants understand what the Profile Report means, then they are ready to discover the career recommendations that most closely match their results.

The Career Recommendations are organized according to the amount of training that is recommended for a given career.

Example Career Recommendations:

Example Job Recommendations

Rosie encourages each participant to take time in reviewing the list of recommended careers, and then select as many of the suggested careers that he / she would like to research.

Rosie guides participants in learning how to utilize the US Department of Labor sponsored websites, the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), and the ONET Online, which are linked to each career recommendation. Participants engage in individualized research in order to gain strategic information necessary for determining which career will be the  best fit for their skills, interests, and personality.

Career Action Plan

“The Career Action Plan complete with a timeline
helps you visualize and achieve your goals.”

To see an example of a Career Action Plan go to:
Assisting participants to create their timeline requires patience, perseverance, and creativity.  Rosie encourages participants to utilize a variety of tools and strategies including:  information interviews, development of a functional resume, networking, and leveraging technology (including Linked In and Twitter).

Take Charge of Your Career!