Case Studies

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Diane, a CEO of a communications company, approached Rosie as she was increasingly unhappy in her job. She
wanted to make a change, but had no idea what she wanted to pursue.

Diane took the WOWI and in the interpretation sessions with Rosie, understood some of the reasons for her growing dissatisfaction with her job. In the discussion of the CIA’s section, Diane’s results indicated that anything connected with the field of Engineering was going to be a “punisher.” As CEO of a communications company, she often had to deal with data and technology engineering issues to ensure effective service delivery to customers.

She also learned that she is a big picture type of leader, rather than being detail oriented (See Rigorous graph on the JSI chart). Her current position required many meetings in which she was forced to deal with minutiae. Working with Rosie, Diane learned that she had the requisite skills and temperament to match a possible new career as a Health Educator, a field that she has always been very interested in. Diane is developing a career path timeline in her quest to change careers.

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Diane's Career Interest Activities

Diane’s Career Interest Activities

Diane's Job Satisfaction Indicators

Diane’s Job Satisfaction Indicators


Dylan, a 19 year old who had recently completed his GED, participated in a WOWI adult ed class. Dylan’s results on the WOWI seemed to point to some sort of “helping profession”. Dylan shared with the class how he particularly enjoyed helping his invalid grandmother with various health and life issues. Scores on the CTP section indicated that Dylan had an ability to solve practical problems. The JSI scores indicated that Dylan actually preferred a work environment where he was working under pressure , and while he liked variety, he also preferred some degree of predictability. One of Dylan’s career recommendations was to begin CNA training – which is exactly what Dylan did following the WOWI class.
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Dylan's Career Training Potentials

Dylan’s Career Training Potentials

Dylan's Job Satisfaction Indicators

Dylan’s Job Satisfaction Indicators


Kerry didn’t know why, but she was becoming increasingly unhappy working as an administrative assistant.  Before the interpretation session, Kerry wasn’t sure what she was going to do next.  Results on the WOWI opened up conversations about why it’s difficult for her to clearly state what she would really like to do and what her preferred work styles are.

During the feedback session with Rosie, Kerry learned how the WOWI clearly identified some skills and traits that she was not previously able to see in herself. Armed with a clearer picture of her abilities and potential, the WOWI results made Kerry confident she could successfully transition into a new job or career.

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Kerry's Career Training Potentials

Kerry’s Career Training Potentials